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Southside Fort Worth on the corner of S. Main and E. Daggett

We are currently taking a break for the winter.
Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for updates on when we will start back up in the springtime.

Southside Urban Market

a southside Fort Worth urban village market


The Mission

Our mission is to foster relations among a diverse group of people, promote local artisans, encourage eco-friendly food production, and promote healthy living. In addition to providing a community gathering space, we seek to ensure access to healthy and locally grown foods for Fort Worth residents in the Downtown and Southside neighborhoods. We strive to encourage a healthy and creative neighborhood by providing a “food and arts experience” that is simple, engaging and fun. We also aspire to create a safe public center that provides a sense of place and belonging, while promoting security and happiness.

Our Location


Located on the sidewalks around the old Sawyer Grocery Building in Southside Fort Worth, Southside Urban Market seeks to capture the essence of the traditional open-air market. We want to give our patrons a glimpse at how beautiful and community driven the southside of Fort Worth really is, by providing an outdoor space for life to happen. Currently along the corner of South Main and Daggett Street, our plan is to shape around our community -- as it expands, so too will the market expand to reach as many people as possible.

Get Involved

Southside Urban Market is community-owned and operated, which means we rely on community involvement and volunteer help. If you choose to help, either by volunteering time or making a donation, you will be supporting our cause to improve our city, spread our message, and further our mission. Your donation could go towards helping to compensate and encourage better product vendors, supplying tents and other supplies, or helping us increase awareness.


If you’re interested in helping, please contact us at or stop by on any Saturday.

Our Vendors

Southside Urban Market is host to a diverse group of farmers, artisans, artists, musicians, and makers of all types who come together to share, inspire, encourage, collaborate and spread their craft throughout the community. While the weekly offering may change frequently, we promise that there will always be something for every person to enjoy. Stop by this Saturday to find out what makes our group of vendors so special!

Do you have something to offer?

If you feel like you have something great to contribute, please contact us at with a description of what you can bring to the table, a link to your website (if possible), your availability, and any permits, contracts, or fees that you may have. We will work to get you set up as soon as possible!